miercuri, 11 iulie 2012

Work in progress 2012 paintings

Hey there!
That is what I'm working at the moment, pretty new to all that I used to do in the past.
I have risked myself with the UV colors to make some visionary paintings ... and I've been brave enough to find a way to make this experiment look in a very special way!
How to look at this! Well... first concentrate with your mind's eye, trying to get an idea of what you see and create a story of its own in the images that is in front of your eyes. You will enter into your own journey and the images that you see may animate in your mind, all lines, touches, colors will come out in layers and you will get this in 3D view - not only as interpretation.:) I'm sure you can see it, not only interpret it.
And after all, begins the actual journey: first focus and then relax and free your mind; this will allow you to see in space and then could lead to new forms and hidden symbols which will be created in what you see. You will definitely end a story and begin another.
The paintings are made in acrylics on cardboard, canvas and plywood. Textures and colors are made using brush strokes and give the appearance of a stained glass, velvet collages or other textile materials. My works are designed to be seen in three ways: by daylight, using UV light and in the dark.
I don't have yet a name for everything; the experiment barely started ... I am at the beginning of this journey ... and all I know is that I'm fully living in these creations and I wish to share them with the world! Enjoy ;)